Learning without Limits. It's a Trine thing.

Want to Explore The World? Study Abroad.

Do you plan to take on the world? We'll put you in it. Learning without Limits is about doing and seeing at Trine. Imagine combining your studies with firsthand experiences—studying foreign cultures, or learning new languages.

To truly excel, you'll need a broad perspective, the kind you get from immersing yourself in experiences and exploration. As a student traveling abroad, you'll learn what it means to be a global citizen. You'll prepare to work with international companies, diverse people, and a global economy.

Pick your program

Trine offers three separate study abroad programs. You can enroll in semester, yearlong, or summer programs through our partner providers: International Studies Abroad (ISA) and GlobaLinks Learning Aboard or with our partner universities. Most students opt for one semester (typically second semester of sophomore year or first semester of junior year) or a summer session (typically the summer between sophomore and junior years or between junior and senior years).

It is critical that you begin planning early in your academic career particularly if your major has a fairly rigid list of courses offered in a certain sequence. Talk with your academic advisor and visit with the Trine Study Abroad office to discuss your options. Begin by completing the Study Abroad Pre-Planning Sheet and Application.

Trine partners with several universities.
Students can choose from study programs located in:

Check out these schools' web sites for application and deadline details.

International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Through Trine's direct affiliation with International Studies Abroad (ISA), students can participate in affordable summer semester and year long programs in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, England, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Jordan,  Morocco, North Ireland, Panama, Peru, South Korea and Spain. Details, costs and other information regarding ISA programs can be accessed here.

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad
Through Trine's affiliation with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, students can choose affordable summer, semester or year-long programs in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific (www.australearn.org) in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand (www.asialearn.org) in England, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Wales (www.eurolearn.org).

Most programs require that the student's cumulative grade point average be at least 2.5 and some require at least 3.0.

For further information regarding study abroad opportunities, please contact:

Dr. Haseeb Kazi
Director of Study Abroad

 Check out some of our students' Study Abroad experiences!

Wouldn't it be cool to spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin or dive off cliffs on a Mediterranean island? Just ask Matt Kopina.

Matt Kopina       Matt Kopina Ireland     Kylemore Abbey

When junior communication major (now alumnus) Matt Kopina "got out of his Midwest bubble" to study at the University of Limerick in Ireland for a semester, he changed his perspective on the world. Now, he encourages others who are adventurous and curious to consider studying abroad.

Matt, a native of Wooster, Ohio, who plans to work for Sherwin Williams after graduation, said he'd always wanted to go to visit the lush green island. In addition to seeing all the tourist highlights – castles, moors, cliffs and hillsides, Matt also became immersed in Irish culture.

He took classes in Irish folklore and Irish music, song and dance. After a couple of weeks, he became more comfortable with the speed and rhythm of the English language in Ireland.

While studying abroad, Matt also took advantage of opportunities to travel. Over his "spring break," he went with other American students to Ibiza, Spain, an island in the Mediterranean. The highlights of the excursion included a moped tour of the island and cliff diving.

"If you have the option to go anywhere and get college credit through the program – definitely go," Matt said. "You'll see so many things and meet so many people. It's really too bad more people don't take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad."  

"Beyond the classroom I was able to parlay my experiences abroad into selling points on my resume and in my interviews," Chase said. Meet Chase Coffield.

 Chase Coffield Camel Ride   Chase Coffield Camels  Chase Coffield

Trine University graduate Chase Coffield, 2011 BSBA in Marketing, studied abroad in Meknes, Morocco in the spring of 2009. He enjoyed his experience so much that he now works to help other college students expand their horizons around the globe as a university relations representative for International Studies Abroad (ISA).

While in Morocco, Chase studied French, Moroccan culture and history, gender studies, Arab media and religion, society and politics.

"Those three and a half months forever changed my life," Chase said of his experiences. "I came back to the states with an extensively wider understanding of the world in which we live and that there is so much more to the world than the Midwest."

He encourages others to take advantage of study abroad opportunities, noting it will make students stand out when seeking jobs and internships.

"Beyond the classroom I was able to parlay my experiences abroad into selling points on my resume and in my interviews," Chase said.

His experiences helped him land a job with ISA. He works as the main contact for schools in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, facilitating study abroad on campuses by holding information sessions, attending study abroad fairs and helping campus study abroad offices.

The "Land Down Under" - Sara Matlack shares her experience.

                   Sara Matlack Sydney    Sara Matlack Kangaroo

After her recent venture to Australia, Trine University senior Sara Matlack encourages others to broaden their global perspectives by studying abroad. Sara currently is studying in Australia, a country she described as "interesting enough without being so difficult as having to worry about a major language barrier."

She took courses comparable to her classes at Trine – web applications, digital multi-media design, introduction to programming and analytical toolkit.

She said her experience has helped her more quickly learn about policies, currencies and cultural differences between the United States and "the land down under." Culturally, she said, Australia is more lax; even in the classroom, she called professors by their first names.