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The Program

Associate in Arts

To be eligible for an associate degree, a student must earn a minimum of 16 credits at Trine University.

Two associate degrees may be received at the same time provided all requirements for both degrees have been met, and the student has earned a minimum of 16 credit hours more than the degree with the lower minimum hour requirement.


Availability Main Campus

Course Requirements

General Education  – 25 hours:
Written Communication – 6 hrs.
Oral Communication – 3 hrs.
Social Science & Humanities – 6 hrs.
Mathematics & Science – 7 hrs.
Other – 3 hrs.

Associate in Arts Core – 35 hours:
COM 203  Media and Communication
COM 213 Business Communication
COM 363 Persuasion and Argumentation

UE 101 University Experience

Choose a minor in:
Communication (24)**
History (24)** - The Social Studies elective must be History
Humanities (25)
Music (24)**

**Choose one free elective if the minor is Communication, History, or Music (1)

Total: 60 hours