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The Concentration

The Forensic Psychology  
concentration will prepare students to understand the behavioral and psychological tenants of deviant behavior, as well as the correlates and causations of crime.  This program is designed for individuals interested in:

  • correctional counseling
  • investigative psychology
  • crisis intervention
  • police psychology
  • child protection psychology
  • victim psychology
  • sex offender psychology
  • and juvenile delinquency counseling.

MSCJ Adult Availabilityavailable to online students

The Experience

The program prepares students to assume key leadership roles as professionals working in fire safety, law enforcement, social work, and other related fields.  Students will learn to analyze criminal justice issues and implement change within the criminal justice  system by developing skills in program planning and evaluation, policy formation and analysis, and critical thinking.

The Results

Pursuing a Master of Science with a major in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) degree could open doors for students to pursue a variety of opportunities.  Whether they plan to enhance their career in criminal justice, teach, or pursue their doctorate, a MSCJ degree from Trine will give students the competitive edge they need to be successful.