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DPT Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make an appointment to visit your facilities?

Prospective applicants and their guests are welcome to make an appointment to visit the Trine DPT Program, tour the facilities, and speak with a faculty member. This can be arranged by contacting us at, or 260.203.2914.

When will the Trine DPT Program be starting accepting applications for 2015 admissions?

Applications for 2015 admissions will be accepted beginning May 1st, 2014.

I have applied to the Trine DPT program after January 15, 2014, the early application deadline. What is the status of my application?

As a result of the two rounds of interviews, all our seats are filled at this point. However, we have a waiting list of candidates available in the event some of the admitted students decline to start the program. So, if a spot opens up we may consider inviting you to an interview. Also, please note applications for 2015 admissions will be accepted beginning May 1st. If you wish, you can use your current application package for consideration for 2015.

What is the cost of out of state tuition for Trine University's DPT program?

Trine University is a private institution so tuition is the same for all students, regardless of their state residency.

Can I apply to the Trine DPT program directly from the high school?

Yes. We offer a six year plan of study to qualified students leading to a bachelor's degree in either exercise science or biology and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. To be accepted into this program, students must:

  • Graduate HS with a 3.5 GPA
  • Graduate  in the top 25% of their HS class (academically), AND
  • Have an ACT score of at least 25 or an SAT score of at least 1150.

What is the DPT program six-year plan? What are the criteria for the DPT six-year plan?                   

We have two pre-physical therapy majors: (1) Exercise Science / Pre-PT, and (2) Biology / Pre-PT.  These majors prepare a student for the Trine graduate physical therapy program and result in a bachelor's of science degree in either Exercise Science or Biology. These majors are for students who are accepted into the 6 year plan of study for the doctor of physical therapy program.

I have a bachelor's degree what are the requirements to enter DPT Program for me?


A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution completed prior to entering the DPT program. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and no grade lower than a C. Evidence that the following prerequisite courses will be completed prior to entering into the program:

  • Two courses in biological sciences (excluding botany and zoology)
  • Two courses in general chemistry with lab
  • One course in human anatomy with lab
  • One course in human physiology with lab
  • Two courses in general physics with lab
  • One course in psychology
  • One course in statistics

Application Requirements:

  • In addition to a completed online application, you must submit:
  • Three (3) completed recommendation forms: one from a person qualified to evaluate your academic performance (such as a former instructor) is required, and one from a licensed physical therapist or physician is suggested.
  • Completion of 40 hours of observation of PT patient care documented using the clinical observation verification form

What is the deadline for registration to the DPT Program for 2014?

The early application deadline for DPT program admission was January 15, 2014. If your application was received by that date, you will be considered for early application interviews that will be scheduled for February 2014.  We are continuing to accept applications.  These applications will be considered for future interviews on a rolling basis until all seats in the program have been filled.

When does the DPT program start?

Fall 2014

Is there a fee for application to the Trine DPT Program?

There is no cost to prospective students to apply to the Trine DPT degree program.

Do I need to pass GRE?              

GRE scores are not required.

What does it mean Trine University is seeking Accreditation? Could you explain the accreditation process?

We will submit an application for accreditation candidacy in March 2014 to the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).  We will need to be granted candidacy in order to start our first class.  (If, for some reason, candidacy is not granted, the start of the program may be delayed.) Full accreditation requires that CAPTE completes a favorable final review of the program as the first class of students is finishing their final semester.  We will receive an accreditation decision prior to the graduation of the first class.

When selecting applicants for the Trine DPT program, are Trine students given special consideration?

Yes, Trine students are given a special consideration.

Can I transfer from another DPT program to the Trine DPT program?                    

No. Students coming from other programs may apply for acceptance into the program, but they must begin with the first semester and complete the full DPT curriculum.

Would the 3+3 option be available to a transfer student?    


I am a PTA can I transfer some credits from the courses I took in the past?  Is there any of the classes from my PTA degree that would transfer toward the admission requirement?

In order to answer this question we need to know the institution that conferred the PTA degree and the courses that need to be considered for the admission requirements. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance

Where is the DPT program located?                    

Our Program is located at 1819 Carew Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46805 between the campuses of Parkview hospital and the VA hospital.

What is the expected tuition cost?                    

Tuition will be 6 spring and fall semesters at $13,500 each, and two summer semesters at $5000 each. Total tuition will be $91,000. There will also be lab fees and required textbooks.

How many students are accepted into the Trine DPT program yearly?

Thirty-two (32) students will be accepted each year.

What does the Pre-physical therapy major mean? Will I be able to graduate with a degree in physical therapy from Trine or does that mean that at a certain point I will have to transfer?

We have two pre-physical therapy majors:

  • Exercise Science / Pre-PT, and
  • Biology / Pre-PT.

These majors prepare a student for the Trine graduate physical therapy program and result in a bachelor's of science degree in either Exercise Science or Biology. These majors are for students who are accepted into the 6 year plan of study for the doctor of physical therapy program. 

To be accepted

  • you must have a 3.5 HS GPA, 
  • you must be in the top 25% of your class academically, and                      
  • you must have an ACT score of at least 25 or an SAT score of at least 1150.                     

If you are not eligible for these Pre-PT majors, you can still enroll in any undergraduate major and complete the courses required for application to the DPT program. These courses are similar or the same as the requirements of most DPT programs.  Completion of the prerequisites is most easily accomplished in the Biology and Exercise Science undergraduate majors.

I am currently filling out the online application for the DPT program, and I have a question what the highest degree is that I have earned. Should I put "high school" or "Bachelor of Science" since that is what I will have prior to entering the DPT program in 2014?           

You should indicate your highest earned degree, which in this case is a high school diploma.  We will review all transcripts to determine if a student is likely to hold a bachelor's degree in time to enter the DPT program.

Can I work while I am in DPT school?                    

Due to the time intensive nature of the Program, employment is discouraged.

Can I go to PT school part-time?                    

No. This is a 3 year, full-time program.

Does Trine provide housing for DPT students?                    

Not at this time. Students will need to secure their housing from one of the many options in the Fort Wayne area,

Does Trine award scholarships for students enrolled in the DPT program?

No. We do not currently have the funding to support DPT scholarships.

What are the requirements for Financial Aid at Trine?

Contact our Office of Financial Aid
Open Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Call: 260.665.4158 or 800.347.4878
Fax: 260.665.4511

Does my degree in physical therapy allow me to practice physical therapy?

No. The degree in physical therapy is a requirement to sit for the state licensure examination. State licensure is required to practice physical therapy.

What are the requirements to practice as a Physical Therapist?

In order to practice as a licensed physical therapist, the individual must be a graduate of an accredited program and pass a licensure examination. Every state has these same two requirements. Completion of an accredited program does not automatically guarantee that the individual can practice as a physical therapist.