MSL Human Resource Management Concentration

MSL Human Resource Management Concentration

The Master of Science in Leadership Human Resource Management concentration is designed for individuals interested in working as Human Resource professionals. Core areas covered in this concentration include employment law, recruitment and staffing models, policies and legal matters, practices related to attraction, selection, development, retention and an understanding of business, functional operations and decision processes as they relate to the management of human capital.

Graduates of this program will:

  • Discuss the importance of strategic human resource planning and be able to participate in futuristic forecasting, and strategic planning processes.
  • Apply knowledge of the legal and ethical principles to human resource management decision-making and policy development.
  • Resolve operational problems using knowledge and understanding principles and various functions of human resource management, including models of compensation and benefits, selection, recruitment, succession planning, equal employment opportunity, employment rights, training, employee and organizational development.
  • Explain the impact of current trends in legal decisions on organizational policies and human resources.
  • Apply the management, legal and ethical issues of diversity, affirmative action, employee and labor relations to the design of organizational decision models and policies.

Students will develop leadership and change-agent skills, especially related to critical and creative thinking regarding human resource management issues.

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