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The Concentration

The International Studies concentration will empower students to provide leadership  in global business management, global marketing, supply chain management and trade finance.

Goals and Content

  • Operational planning, development, implementation, and assessment of the international aspects of business
  • Management, implementation, and coordination of global marketing plans
  • Evaluation of supply chain options and development of solutions that support international business plans
  • Analysis of financial risks and methods of implementing global economic activities
  • Learners will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective leader within the international marketplace.

available to adult students

available to online students

The Experience

You should pursue this if you're an individual who seek to expand your understanding of the global marketplace;  Corporate managers, designers, engineers, sales, marketing and development professionals, and mission workers.

The Results

International Studies addresses the emerging needs of local companies with an existing global economic presence. Over 50 companies participating in the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership for Economic Development engage in foreign direct investment in 18 countries in the areas of technology, manufacturing, logistics, service, healthcare, mining, transportation and retail industries (Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, 2010).

In Steuben County, 16 companies, employing over 2,000 individuals, engage in multinational exchanges, according to the Steuben County Economic Development Council (2008).  Leaders of a number of these businesses, have specifically requested that Trine provide opportunities for middle and senior management to build their cultural competency and global marketplace skills at an advanced level.

Students who complete this concentration area will be equipped to pursue the NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional  through an examination, which, when passed, will provide a nationally-recognized credential in international business (NASBITE CGBP, 2010).