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The Program

The Sustainable Environmental Management concentration will empower students to lead  in global business management, global marketing, supply chain management and trade finance.

Content and Goals

  • Develop sustainable business practices through managing risks (regulatory, reputation, litigation, and market), values-driven leadership, and recognizing market opportunities created by environmental and social challenges
  • Acquire cutting-edge environmental thinking strategies that will provide the ability to make difficult environmental management decisions and effectively respond to environmental issues
  • Understand needs not met effectively by current business practices and develop innovative, proactive and sustainable business strategies to address them
  • Understand and apply LEED regulations, recognitions and incentives and apply them to sustainable designs that will achieve LEED credit category goals

available to adult students

available to online students

The Experience

Learners will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to envision, design, and implement innovative, proactive, sustainable business practices  in a variety of settings.

The Results

Sustainable and Environmental Management supports the global sustainability initiative that is penetrating all facets of economic activity. Specifically in the areas of manufacturing, research, design, and administration, O*Net projects significant demand for visionary leadership in eco-efficient production and service activities, and the Pew Charitable Trust estimates growth in this sector to be twice that of overall jobs across the country.