Learning without Limits. It's a Trine thing.

The Program

Does any of this sound familiar?

You went to a good school for Engineering, and your skill and grades prove your expertise. You have a great job, and the projects you are working on are getting bigger and more critical to the success of the firm.

Now, the environment you find yourself in isn't what you went to school for – you are being asked to make presentations to executives in the company and it's customers. You're being asked to develop a full product introduction strategy along with costs. You now have a team: junior engineers, marketing and sales people, and accounting staff.

The engineering skills that got you to this point in your career aren't the skills that will turn you into an executive of the firm.

But you can learn them here at Trine with a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the Ketner School of Business.

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The Experience

Traditional MBA programs stress accounting, finance, and statistics; these courses, while critical for the operation of business, don't provide the skillset needed by engineers moving into management roles.

During the 12-month program  offered at Trine's beautiful main campus and convenient branch locations you'll gain mastery of corporate culture, leadership, negotiations, and politics. You'll take business ethics, public speaking, and decision-making classes that are geared towards the technical professional, as well as product development and innovation classes taught by our business and engineering faculty. 

The Results

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement and flexible work schedules for graduate degree candidates – contact us if you would like us to reach out to your employer about the tangible benefits a Master of Science in Engineering Management  can bring to the firm's productivity and profitability.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management requires an undergraduate degree in an engineering discipline from an accredited institution. Admissions are selective and competitive, with letters of reference and 2-4 years of work experience required.