MPAS Admission Requirements

Pre-PA Undergraduate program and PA Direct Entry Admissions - [ Learn more ]

The pre-physician assistant professional track is designed for students preparing to apply to a Master of Physician Assistant Studies program. This track can be associated with majors in biologybiochemistrychemistry, or biomedical engineering.

First-year students who have achieved superior academic performance in high school may apply for the Trine University PA Direct Entry program.


PA Graduate Admission - [ CASPA Application ]

Graduate admission requirements for the Trine University Master of Physician Assistant Studies include:

  • Evidence that a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution will be completed prior to entry into the program. The degree does not have to be in a science major but the applicant must have successfully completed all required prerequisite coursework.
  • Prerequisite course work with rigorous curricular expectations. Minimum GPA of 3.0, with no individual course grade lower than a C taken at a regionally accredited US college or university from the courses that follow:
    • 2 semesters of general biology with lab
    • 2 semesters of general chemistry with lab
    • 2 semesters of combined human anatomy and physiology with lab
    • 1 semester of organic chemistry
    • 1 semester of biochemistry
    • 1 semester of microbiology with lab
    • 1 semester of psychology
    • 1 semester of statistics
    • 1 course in medical terminology
  • Up to 8 hours of AP or dual enrollment credit with a minimum score of 4 are transferable for pre-requisite science courses.
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better with no single individual course grade lower than C.
  • Competitive applicants will usually apply with more than the minimum requirements.
  • Students may be required to complete the CASPA application online.
  • Three letters of recommendation/evaluation. At least one of these must be from a practicing Physician Assistant.
  • If enrolling from a non-regionally accredited institution, a cumulative GRE minimum test combined verbal/quantitative score of 300 taken within the last 5 years is required. (Trine's designated Institutional CASPA GRE code is 7343.)
  • Patient contact experience is not required but is highly recommended, particularly to demonstrate a discernment process to enter the PA profession.
  • All applicants must meet the technical standards.
  • All applicants must be a US citizen or legal resident.
  • After acceptance into Trine University, all applicants must submit complete official transcripts to the Registrar's Office.

Conditional Admission

An applicant who has not earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in an undergraduate degree program may be considered for a conditional admission review. The following materials must be submitted:

  1. Completion and clearance of the CASPA application materials to Trine University
  2. At least one CASPA letter of recommendation should be from a professional colleague who can address the applicant’s situation and current potential for success
  3. Within the CASPA process, complete all "optional" fields of the Trine application. This includes:
    • A one page narrative describing the challenges or extenuating circumstances that led to the applicant earning less than 3.0 GPA in undergraduate work. Include a description of specific strategies he/she will use to ensure academic progress within the Physician Assistant graduate degree program
    • An applicant may want to include course syllabi and course descriptions as an appendix to application.
    • A curriculum vita or resume indicating positions held that demonstrate task commitment, knowledge and skill relevant to the applicable course of Physician Assistant study

During the admissions cycle, after receipt of all the materials, the application will be reviewed by the PA Program Director and/or PA Program admission committee to be considered in the competitive admissions process. A recommendation may be made to the Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences dean for conditional admission.

A student admitted conditionally will become a graduate student in good standing upon completion of the first semester PA courses maintaining a B or better in each course. A conditional graduate student not garnering a grade of B or better in each of his/her first semester PA courses will be dismissed.


Trine University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, disability, veteran status or age in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school-administered programs, or in employment. However, students are informed that the process of becoming a Physician Assistant requires the completion of a graduate education program which is intellectually, as well as, physically challenging and rigorous, that the candidate should be able to perform in a reasonably independent manner, and that reasonable accommodation does not mean that students with disabilities are exempt from certain tasks.

An outline of the tasks, skills and abilities necessary to enter and complete this program can be found in the Technical Standards.

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