Dual Licensure Education major

The Program Trine University Student Achievements

The Dual Licensure Major in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education/Mild Intervention K-6 is a uniquely blended program for undergraduates. Along with the focus of the stand-alone elementary major, students in the dual licensure program take classes from qualified and experienced professors from both fields.

The program can be completed in four years, and like all of the Franks School of Education programs, requires over 200 hours in diverse practicum settings. The need for special education teachers is expected to grow up to 12 percent before 2022, making this dual licensure program very attractive.

The Experience

Our faculty come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences all related to classroom teaching, advanced research, and preparing future teachers. The academically rigorous teacher education program focuses on:

  • the most up-to-date curriculum
  • instructional strategies
  • classroom management techniques
  • innovative integration of classroom technology

Students spend nearly 200 hours in field experiences prior to graduation.

Points of Pride

Graduates from FSOE have a high level of job placement, running between 95 and 100% every year. In addition to classroom teaching, students have obtained other educationally related positions, and still others go on to complete master's degrees. Feedback from school administrators consistently refers to how well the Trine teacher education graduates are prepared to begin teaching from day one in the classroom and how effective these teachers are far beyond graduation.

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