English Major Internships

BA English Internships

The English Major for the 21st Century.

Unlike traditional English programs that focus exclusively on literature, students in Trine's English major will take classes in professional and technical writing and communication along with a strong literature curriculum. They will also get multiple internship and practicum experiences before graduation.

Humanities and Communication professor Justin Young, who helped develop the major, said that the goal was for students to be equally prepared either to get a job as a professional writer or to step into a rigorous graduate program in literature or composition. Additionally, students interested in teaching high school English will be able to apply to one-year "transition to teaching" programs after completing their BA.

Young said, "You have to be smart to be an English major—reading and analyzing literature isn't easy. So while any English program can teach you to do that, this one actually asks, 'What's next?' Once you graduate, where do you go? This program has the built in versatility and experience that most programs lack. It really is an English major for the 21st century."