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Degree Course Requirements

Professional Studies Requirements (Grades 5–12 -  43 Hours)
EDU 111 Freshman Practicum
EDU 211 Sophomore Practicum
EDU 232 Educational Psychology-Middle/Secondary Tchr
EDU 301 **Introduction to Teaching Practicum
EDU 303 **Introduction to Teaching
EDU 311 Junior Practicum
EDU 312 Exceptional Children in the Schools
EDU 333 **Reading in the Content Area
EDU 432 **Practicum in Teaching-Secondary Math
EDU 442 **Special Methods - Secondary Math Teacher
EDU 462 **Educational Measurement
*EDU 463 Educational Media and Technology
EDU 412 The Middle School
EDU 422 Middle School Methods
EDU 472 Middle School Practicum
EDU 470 **Supervised Student Teaching
EDU 471 Student Teaching Seminar
EDU 473 Issues in American Public Education

Mathematics Requirements (38 Hours)
MA 134 Calculus I
MA 164 Calculus II
MA 213 Calculus III
MA 233 Differential Equations
MA 303 College Geometry
MA 313 Linear Algebra
MA 343 Sets and Logic
MA 373 Abstract Algebra
MA 393 Probability and Statistics
MA 403 Advanced Calculus
MA 473 Discrete Mathematics
MA XX3 300-400 level three credit Math course

General Education (42)

MA 312 Historical Aspects of Mathematics

        Lab Science (4)
Humanities and Social Science
ENG 153 Introduction to Literature
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
Humanities elective (3)
Social Science elective (3)

ENG 103 English Composition I
EDU 113 English Composition II
SP 203 or COM 163 Effective Speaking or Interpersonal Communication

EXS 102 Lifetime Wellness
CS 1113 or INF 143 Object Oriented Java Programming or Introduction to C#
General Education electives (6)

Additional Requirements (1)
UE 101 University Experience

Total Hours = 120

*Course meets general education computer literacy requirement
**Course must be taken at Trine

Note: The courses you need to complete to be eligible for licensure in Indiana may change from what is presented. New requirements for licensure have been approved by the IDE/OELD and the governor. When new standards are developed and additional interpretations of the new licensing requirements are made, changes will be made on this website.