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Meet Our Faculty

The professors listed below teach the core courses required for the Pre-Medical Professional Track.

Ann Armitage Benson  
Associate Professor of Chemistry  
Chair, Department of Science  
B.S. - Tulane University, B.S. - Trine University, M.S. - Indiana University
Specialty: Applied Chemistry

W. Brooks Bigelow
Associate Professor of Chemistry                      
B.S. - University of Delaware, M.S./Ph.D. - New Mexico State University
Specialty: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Steven Dulaney
Instructor of Chemistry
B.A. - Adrian College, Ph.D. ABD - Michigan State University
Specialty: Carbohydrate Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

Ira Franklin Jones  
Professor of Biology and Chemistry  
B.S. - Davidson College, M.S. - New York University, Ph.D. - Auburn University
Specialty: Analytical Chemistry, Insect Physiology

Chad Keefer  
Assistant Professor
B.S./M.A./Ed.D. - Ball State University
Specialty: Physics, Physical/Organic Chemistry

Tony Layson
Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.Sc. - Indiana University, Purdue University - Fort Wayne, Ph.D. - Iowa State University
Specialty: Analytical Chemistry

Vicki Moravec   
Professor of Chemistry  
B.S. - Purdue University, Ph.D. - University of Illinois
Specialty: Physical Chemistry, Chemical Education

Cindy Neyer
Assistant Professor
B.S. - University of Kansas, Ph.D. - Iowa State University
Specialty: Physics

Hong Park  
Assistant Professor  
B.S. - Pukyuong National University, South Korea, Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Specialty: Genetics

Hope Angela Sheets
Department of Science Laboratory Technician
Lecturer, Biology and Geology
B.S. - Indiana University, B.S. - Indiana University, M.S. - East Tennessee State University
Specialty: Vertebrate Paleontology; Anuran Functional Morphology, and Ecology

William Sluis
Assistant Professor      
B.S./Ph.D. - University of Illinois at Chicago
Specialty: Plant Ecology, Restoration Ecology

Pre-Medical Professional Track Advisory Board:

Dr. Max Baumgartner 
Dean, School of Health Sciences 
Chair, Pre-Medical Professional Track Advisory Board
Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program                

Craig W. Laker
Dean, Jannen School of Arts and Sciences

Ira Jones, Ph.D.
Professor, Biology and Chemistry

Michael Blaz, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology

John Wagner, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering

Professor Ann Benson
Associate Professor, Chemistry