Social Studies Education major

The Program Trine University Student Achievements

Preparing future Social Studies Education teachers involves courses that cover a wide perspective in historical foundations, as well as geography, economics, and government. Topics such as social justice, ideal and practice of citizenship in a democratic society, and a global connections and interdependence are addressed.

Extensive field work in the methods of teaching social studies is included to help you gain an understanding of the value and use of instructional resources in a dynamic, student-centered learning environment characterized by positive, productive and healthy interactions.

A day in the life of an education student.

The Experience

The program features a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes the value of real-world experience.  Our faculty educate future teachers in:

  • classroom management strategies
  • instructional methods and curriculum updates
  • implementation and effective use of classroom technology

These lessons are put to practice in real classrooms, where students spend nearly 400 hours inclassrooms prior to graduation. Classroom experiences begin in the first semester and culminate in a 16-week student teaching opportunity where the student works closely with a faculty adviser at Trine and a cooperating teacher at their placement school. 

Points of Pride

Graduates have a high level of job placement, running between 95 and 100% every year. In addition to classroom teaching, students have obtained other educationally related positions, and still others go on to complete master's degrees. Feedback from school administrators consistently refers to how well the Trine teacher education graduates are prepared to begin teaching from day one in the classroom and how effective these teachers are far beyond graduation.

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