Coaching Minor

Coaching Minor

The coaching minor prepares students who want to coach youth sports, junior or senior high school sports, or in recreational sports settings by providing additional knowledge in the areas of teaching sport skills, sport psychology and organizing athletic programs. This minor is an excellent addition for students majoring in education or students majoring in other fields who would like to work with youth sports beyond their professional field.

Course Requirements

EXS 103 Teaching Sport Skills I (3)
EXS 123 Teaching Sport Skills II (2)
EXS 243 Athletic Training (3)
SM/PSY 393 Sport Psychology (3)
SM 413 Organization and Administration of Athletics (3)
FIT 201X Coaching Internship (1-3)

Choose a minimum of 6 hours electives from below courses:
BIO 154 Human Anatomy (4)
EXS 333 Kinesiology (3)
SM 253 Risk Management (3)
LDR 203 Leadership Strengths and
Skills (3)

Total Minor Program: 22-24 hrs.