Criminal Justice

BS Criminal Justice Trine University Student Achievements

While many colleges and universities offer "quick courses" in select areas of criminal justice, such as basic police courses, our Bachelor of Science with a major in Criminal Justice program teaches criminal law, psychology and the academic base needed to pursue a career in criminal justice or law school.

Our program is neither courses focusing strictly on a career as an entry level police officer nor is it strictly theoretically based.

Our program is a wonderful mix of practical knowledge taught by current professionals in the field (judges, lawyers, coroners, law enforcement officers, and administrators) and theory.

The Experience

Our criminal justice major also has a strong psychology component. Trine currently is one of the only undergraduate programs in the U.S. to specialize in forensic and correctional psychology.

We also offer criminal justice concentrations for law enforcement, agency administration, psychology, and academy/professional training, all of which allow you to be prepared to start your career path right after after graduation and move up the ranks quickly.

The Results

Our program provides the academic base to go on to a career in criminal justice or even to law school. Police, Fire, and EMT academy training, as well as military experience may apply as prior learning credit to the degree program. 

Degree Course Requirements

A Bachelor of Science with a major in Criminal Justice degree requires 120 credit hours:

General Education Requirements (42 credit hours)
Criminal Justice Core (30 credit hours)
Degree Related Electives or Prior Learning Credit (33 credit hours)
Concentration Options (15 credit hours)

Agency Administration
Forensic/ Correctional Psychology
Law Enforcement
Academy/Professional Training*
*This concentration can only be filled by documented Academy (Fire, Police, EMT or Military Training) and/or Prior Learning

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