Centreville Office

Centreville Education Center

62249 Shimmel Road
Centreville, Michigan 49032

 Education Center Director
Regional Director of Admission
 Kelly Eaton 

 Contact me for:
 - Academic Advising
 - Registration
Amber Titus

 Contact me for:
 - Admission
 Fax: 269-865-5901  


9:00 am - 6:30 pm Monday to Thursday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm Friday



All Trine Students are welcome to use the Glen Oaks Community College facilities including the student concourse, library and tutoring center. Free parking and Wi-Fi.  Trios Deli and vending machines are located on the student concourse.



Trine uses Rave for university notifications. Types of notifications could include closings, watches/warnings and important date reminders. You can choose the specific education center you are attending so that the messages are customized for you. Signup online.



62249 Shimmel Road
Centreville, Michigan 49032

The Centreville Education Center is located within Glen Oaks Community College on Shimmel Road just south of the Island Hills Golf Course. Trine offices are in the E wing in room E443, with classrooms in the F wing in rooms F457, F459 and F465.

 Additional pictures:

GOCC buildling

Student Concourse

Centreville Classroom