"Trine University Dual Enrollment opened up the possibility for me to attend college overseas by giving me a chance to obtain credits I wouldn't have gotten in high school. I left high school with a year of college already under my belt; this gave me the chance to pursue a bachelor's degree in business and economics while in Europe."

Alexis, 2012

Confidence with Character. It's a Trine thing.

The Academic Experience

Dual Enrollment Program

Our Academic Experience courses are offered in the high school building and are taught by high school teachers who have the academic qualifications to be hired as adjunct faculty, (through Trine University) allowing the student to earn dual credit for the courses.

If you attend one of the high schools listed and are interested in enrolling, speak to your high school guidance counselor.

The Academic Experience course cost is $20 per credit hour. This amounts to significant savings when compared to the typical college course cost. 

Trine University Dual Enrollment is a member of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) and is listed on the Indiana Preferred Provider List for dual credit on the high school campus.