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What is a Lilly Internship?

The Lilly Internship program is an experiential learning opportunity available to Trine students that meet specific criteria for internships. The programs purpose is to engage students in major-related projects lead by faculty/staff mentors. Lilly Internships are requested by faculty/staff members for review and eligibility prior to a student being invited to participate.

Internship Definition

Internships are defined as short-term major related assignments during the summer or academic year. Internships will meet the following requirements:

  •  The intern is exposed to a variety of departments, operations, people and business settings within the organization.
  • The internship Site Supervisor provides the intern with a list of competencies or professional skills the intern should learn during the course of employment and assigns tasks that help the intern gain those competencies.
  • Assigned work is at a difficulty level equal to or slightly higher than the intern’s skill and knowledge level.
  • Assigned work requires the intern to research answers to questions and apply skills and problem solving abilities.
  • Short term assignments the intern completes contribute to the organization’s long-term results. The intern is provided context with assignments to understand how the project fits into long-term plans.
  • The intern has the opportunity to work with a team of employees on one or more projects.

 While it is acceptable for an intern to occasionally complete tasks that are not experiential (work generally thought of as “clerical tasks” or “routine support tasks”), these activities should not make up more than 25 percent of the intern’s work responsibilities.

Intern (Student) Criteria

  • The intern must be enrolled as a full-time student. A Lilly Intern does not need to be enrolled full-time if it is their last semester prior to graduation, and they have been enrolled full-time up until this semester.
  • Students on academic probation cannot be hired as a Lilly Intern.
  • A student may complete no more than two Lilly funded internships.
  • A Lilly intern cannot have a work study position or another job on campus while employed as an intern.
  • Once hired, a student must register for the appropriate internship-for-credit course for a minimum of one credit hour. Credit hours will be determined by the student’s Department Chair.
  • A student is responsible for understanding and conforming to the professional standards of the site, completing assignments and required documentation to be submitted to the Faculty Supervisor, and performing duties specified in the job description as requested by the Site Supervisor.
  • At the conclusion of each semester, the intern will complete a Final Internship Evaluation.

 Lilly Internship Requirements

  • A Lilly funded on-campus internship may be a minimum of 40 and up to 500 documented work hours.
  • A Lilly intern will not pay for his/her Internship course credit.
  • Students will be paid a minimum of $8 per hour. Hiring managers are free to propose a pay rate comparable to industry standards in the region. If the proposed pay rate is greater than $10, please complete the Pay Approval Request Form. All pay rates will be approved by Human Resources.
  • An employer may request extra funds for training relevant to the internship experience.
  • An internship should be completed within two semesters.
  • A student who has completed his or her for-credit course requirements may continue working for his or her same internship employer without registering for a second for-credit internship course if he or she has not worked the maximum number of hours (500).
  • Internship credit or pay cannot be retroactively assigned.

A complete overview of the Lilly Internship program and required forms can be found here

How to apply

You can request a Lilly Internship using the authorization form


Contact Innovation One at innovation1@trine.edu or 260.665.4983