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Lilly Internship Allowance

The Lilly Internship Allowance is an experiential learning opportunity available to students that meet a certain criteria of summer internships. The Allowance’s purpose is to assist students with the expenses associated with their summer internships including, but not limited to: housing, travel, food, books, and supplies. Allowances will be awarded to students in full upon the approval of the internship, prior to the end of the academic year, in the amount of $3,000.


To be eligible for an experiential learning allowance, the student:

  • must be enrolled in an internship for credit, tuition fees will be waived for the summer sessions. Emphasis will be given to the following: a non-profit organization, a start-up, a business with less than 10 employees, or an unpaid internship.
  • must be working for an employer located in the state of Indiana, or an Indiana-based company.
  • must be registered for an internship of three or more credits, a full-time co-op, or be completing an engineering internship.
  • must be in good academic standing.
  • must be enrolled in one of the following schools: Allen School of Engineering and Technology, Ketner School of Business, Franks School of Education, Jannen School of Arts and Sciences, or Rinker-Ross School of Health Sciences.


  • Applications accepted: April 3 - 14
  • Committee review: April 17 - 21
  • Allowances Awarded: April 24

Allowance Disbursement

  1. Students will be awarded funds as followed: the full $3,000 after the judging of allowance applications.
  2. Students are responsible for maintaining internship or co-op status of employment.
  3. Tuition will be waived for summer sessions.

How to Apply

Applications are no longer being accepted for the current Lilly Internship opportunities. Please check back for other opportunites that may be available in the future.


Contact Innovation One at innovation1@trine.edu or 260.665.4983