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Testimonials About Innovation One

The role that Trine University and Innovation One plays in energizing our regional, national, and world economy is valued today more than ever. Whether you look at Trine through our alumni, our current students work and involvement, faculty and staff′s expertise and efforts, or our impact on manufacturing and commerce in the region, one thing is clear: Trine is an engine of economic growth in northeast Indiana and beyond.

"Deister Machine Co. has worked with Trine University on both student projects and rapid prototyping services. The attention to detail and the initiative for us to get the finished result we desired are simply unmatched in the industry. There′s simply no other place out there (in regards to rapid prototyping) that will ensure that you get the desired finished product. Most other places will not debug or thoroughly analyze a model before printing it, which can add significant cost and delivery time. The fact that I can send a STEP file over the internet is fantastic; no other place I′ve dealt with in rapid prototyping will allow me to do that. In my case, I had to provide a file format which I did not have the capability of generating, and that set me dead in the water. Trine was able to take what I had and make it work with whatever their system required."
Wes Stinson, Project Engineer at Deister Machine Company