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Co-ops through Innovation One

Another service of Innovation One includes recruiting and referring qualified students for available co-ops and internships available within your organization.

Difference between Co–ops and Internships


  • Work full–time
  • 2–3 sessions
  • Academic credit
  • Always paid
  • One employer


  • Short term
  • Credit/non–credit
  • Attend school & work
  • Project or seasonal work

What Employers are saying about Trine students:

“Amanda restored my faith in interns. She took great initiative and played an active role in working with the team, demonstrating a professional maturity that was beyond her years...”
Director of Communications for Michigan International Speedway, Sammie Lukaskiewicz

“Nick has been an exceptional first term co–op. He would rank amongst the top 10% of all co–ops I have worked with over the last 30 years.”
Allen Wood, Duke Energy

“Jon was able to develop and maintain his schedule while maintaining flexibility to change projects and tasks if needed. He shifted his hours early and late to ensure training was completed across three shifts.”
Matt Pettus, Honda of America