Meet William Barge

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
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MGB buff and Web master.

B.S. Miami University; M.B.A Indiana University; M.S. Regis University

On campus since January 2002, I have taught courses in mathematics, informatics, computer science and computer engineering. My background is in telephony, with experience at AT&T, GTE and Verizon as a systems engineer, systems analyst, programmer and systems consultant.

I am continuing my education as I pursue a Ph.D. in technology management from Indiana State University. My research interest is digital communication systems, specifically wireless security and mesh networks. In addition, I have done computer system consulting for small office/home office customers since 1992.

My wife, Marie, and I moved to Angola in 1991. We and our two daughters are active in the community. I play bass guitar and saxophone in the Fairview Missionary Church band and am the Web master for two local not–for–profit organizations. For fun, we camp and go off–road in our Jeeps. I also am active in the international British car community as the registrar for the 1962–1965 "pull–handle" MGBs.

In summer 2009, we attended the North American MGB Registrar convention in Breckenridge, Colo., and the American MGC Registrar convention in Auburn, Ind.