Meet Brandy DePriest

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
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Brandy Depriest

Globetrotting free–spirit who teaches from her own experiences.

B.A. English and French literature, University of Louisville; M.A., Xavier University

After a somewhat nomadic childhood, I graduated high school in three years so that I could spend time abroad. Eventually, 10 bohemian years of school, travel, and writing led me back to my roots in northeastern Indiana, where I took a position at Trine University.

In 2007, I joined the full–time faculty. In my composition course, I enthusiastically instill in my students the curiosity about the world that helped me succeed as a student.

I am an active environmentalist, and serve as faculty advisor for Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Knowledge (S.P.E.A.K.). As I prepare to pursue my Ph.D., I occupy my spare time with hiking, kayaking, camping and anything else outdoors with my husband, kids, and our three dogs. Visit me anytime — my door is always open!