Meet Mark Helmke

Trine University - Jannen School of Arts & Sciences
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Mark Helmke says he's planted his oars, is ready to teach.

B.A. College of the Potomac, DC., M.A. Goddard College, VT

I grew up in these parts; schooling in Fort Wayne, every summer at Lake James. Then I ran away. After a more than 40–year journey, I came home in summer 2012 and began my career at Trine.

For years I worked for Sen. Richard G. Lugar, R–Ind., in D.C., as his press secretary and a staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. My one prized possession is the last Soviet uniform of a three–star general from Ukraine who I lobbied to join the Nunn–Lugar program to eliminate nuclear weapons.

I worked as a journalist and international business and political consultant, and built a strategic communications company from five to 450 employees.

Like Ulysses, I′ve planted my oars in front of a cabin at my family′s 90–year–old homestead at Lake James. This is where I stay, and teach future generations the skills needed for their journeys.