Meet Nicholas Stull

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Nicholas Stull
Bachelor of Science in physics and in mathematics, Purdue University; Doctor of Philosophy in pure mathematics, Purdue University

“My life has taken me places I never imagined and taught me to pay it forward,” says Nicholas Stull, assistant professor mathematics. And, he finds, kindness matters.

From being lost in Beijing to hitchhiking to a train station in Japan, “The world is a strange and beautiful place and many people are genuinely interested in helping you,” he says. “Treat people and their culture with respect and kindness and they will return the gesture tenfold. And never underestimate the effect of a simple kindness on those around you.”

Stull brings those life lessons and more to his teaching position at Trine, which he began in fall 2015. “Teaching is a passion of mine and I have enjoyed immensely the opportunities I have had to work with a wonderful and diverse group of young adults, both here at Trine and previously at Purdue,” he said. While at Purdue, he served as a graduate teaching assistant in the mathematics department

When he is not busy teaching and pursuing a math problem from his early graduate days, he enjoys traveling with his wife and daughter. International travel, though more complicated with a little one, will still be a part of the equation. His parents exposed him to travel as a child and he intends to do the same with his daughter.