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Alison Witte

Sweet rewards are in abundance when there are no papers to grade

B.A. - Concordia University-River Forest, M.A. - Indiana University, Ph.D. - Bowling Green State University
My journey to Trine has taken many twists and turns. I grew up in southern New Hampshire, and after high school attended college in the suburbs of Chicago where I met my husband. We both attended graduate school in Fort Wayne, and spent a year doing an internship in South Dakota. After completing master's degrees, we moved to northwest Ohio.

I joined the full-time faculty at Trine in 2013 after completing my Ph.D. in English, with a specialization in rhetoric and composition, at Bowling Green State University. I am particularly interested in digital writing and the ways people use digital devices to compose. These interests come through in my classes where my students build websites, create digital projects and investigate many types of digital research and writing.

I live in northwest Ohio with my husband, Keith, our four children, and our cat. In my spare time, I have two hobbies, running and baking. I was a competitive runner through college and now I run all distances from 5k through half-marathon. I also love to bake all kinds of goodies; brownies are my favorite to bake and eat, but I also enjoy making pies, cakes and cookies. My students and colleagues are most always excited when I don't have papers to grade because they know I will bring treats to share.