Meet Scott Fergusson

Trine University - Ketner School of Business
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Civil War buff and British car lover Scott Fergusson is returning to his alma mater to help students become leaders

B.S. Tri-State University;  M.B.A. The University of Notre Dame

As dean of the Ketner School of Business, I get the opportunity to see our students develop into world class leaders and creators of wealth.  It's the best job at the university.  As an alumnus of Tri-State, I am amazed at the growth and momentum on campus.  It's a great time to be connected to Trine.

I started an enterprise data aggregation business, found seed capital, and grew the business to 75 employees and several million in sales. The big day was when we closed on the sale of my company to a large New York-based firm. I spent an inordinate amount of time in New York City and that convinced me the best place to create and run businesses is in the Midwest.

In a business school, the best thing (after teaching) is the development and launch of new business ventures as it allows us to bring real-world experience directly into the classroom. I've launched Chapman's Brewing Company, a startup micro-brewery, in Angola. I developed the initial concept and strategy for the brand, assembled the team to create the company, developed the business model, and raised the capital.

I love history and cars - Civil war and British cars, mostly. As far as cars, I can't really fix them, but I'm good at driving them and detailing them.

My wife, Sheryl, is a physician, and we have two sons, Logan, 8, and Austin, 13.