Meet Bill Maddock

Trine University - Ketner School of Business
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Meet Bill Maddock

Tennis is more than a game to Bill.

B.S. Slippery Rock State University; M.S. University of Tennessee

Sports are my life because I have played and coached a variety of sports, plus I'm an avid runner, tennis player and golfer.

I have been a United States Professional Tennis Association pro for more than 30 years and have directed tennis clubs and resorts in Michigan and Florida. I'm also the acting president of Shape Up Steuben, a nonprofit that promotes wellness for Northeast Indiana residents.

An associate professor, I teach the business of sports and have been at Trine for 15 years. As the advisor for all sports management majors in the Ketner School of Business, my classes connect sports and business. Some of my favorites are History of Sport, Sport Psychology, and teaching pedagogy classes for future coaches in both the public and private sector.

Besides my work at the University, I am the acting president of Shape Up Steuben a local non-profit organization whose mission is to help promote wellness for citizens of Northeast Indiana.