Meet Alexander Odemba

Trine University - Ketner School of Business
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Meet Alex Odemba

Business pro focuses on leadership in developing economies

ACCA/FCCA – Slough College, London, M.B.A. - Fordham University, M.A. – Notre Dame,
D.B.A. - University of Phoenix

In 2012, I became an assistant professor of business at Trine University. I was an advanced certified instructor for University of Phoenix and Argosy University for the past 10 and four years, respectively. I also was a visiting professor of global business at Bethel College, Indiana.

My publications are in the research focusing on leadership in developing economies. I have served as a chief executive office and have more than 30 years of senior manufacturing and service experience that includes tire and detergent manufacturing, port operations and being a partner in an accounting firm.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and have a recently acquired test for golf. I have also been working on a novel which is now taking shape. I enjoy playing with my 1-year-old grandson, Dominique.

I am originally from Tanzania, East Africa and live in South Bend, Ind., with my wife, Beatrice. We have two sons, three daughters and a grandson.