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Amy Alexander


Amy Alexander has a keen interest in the biology of learning

B.S., Bowling Green State University; M.Ed., Bowling Green State University; National Board-Certified Teacher

After spending a year in the Franks School of Education as a teacher-in-residence, I grew to love the academic environment of higher education. I thoroughly enjoyed 13 years as a high school science teacher, but found myself wanting to return to the university setting after spending one year as a teacher-in-residence. In 2011, a position became available, and I was fortunate to be selected to be an assistant professor. Thus begins the next chapter in my career, as well as my life.

As a science teacher, I have a keen interest in the biology of learning. With the many "brain-based" strategies currently being encouraged in schools, giving Trine students a solid background in biology as it relates to teaching and learning will allow them to sort the hype from the hope.

Much of my personal time is devoted to my doctoral studies, but I do manage to get to the lake every now and then for a quick zip on the jet ski with my kids.