Meet Kai Hartman

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering
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Kai Hartman
Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, Trine University; Master of Engineering, Trine University

Kai Hartman is an assistant professor in the design engineering technology department in Trine University’s Allen School of Engineering & Technology. He enjoys helping students who, like himself, are interested in knowing how things work and why they behave the way they do.

During his senior year in college at Trine, Hartman began to focus on nonferrous metallurgy, specifically aluminum. He was recruited that year from the Foundry Educational Foundation’s College Industry Conference to work at a premium defense and aerospace aluminum foundry in Texas. While working there, he learned a great deal about aluminum castings and production within a foundry. Later, he took a position at a continuous copper casting and extrusion facility in Indiana so he could be closer to his immediate family.

Hartman’s hobbies include fixing anything with an engine or wheels, and he can usually be found in his shop taking something apart to learn how it works or trying to fix something. He is also a self-proclaimed outdoorsman and adventure-seeker.