Meet Sean Carroll

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering
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Meet Sean Carroll

Professor Sean Carroll enjoys both the outdoor plant life and Artificial Intelligence.

Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Princeton University

I am keenly interested in engineering education, as well as the application of cognitive psychology to learning. My teaching and technical interests include systems engineering and programming languages. I enjoy advising the social fraternity Phi Kappa Theta, because it keeps me in touch with my students′ development outside my classroom.

I love the natural world, which is why I was a trail guide for Tree Hill in Jacksonville, Fla. Closer to my Trine home, I serve on the board for the McClue Nature Reserve and have been Web master for ACRES Land Trust, a nature preserve steward for an Indiana bog.

When the weather turns nasty, you can find me working with Cahoots Coffee Café in downtown Angola.