Meet Jeremy A. Rentz

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering
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Jeremy Rentz

Tree Hugger and Road Runner

B.S. & Ph.D. – University of Iowa

We are all responsible for pollution that may adversely affect humans and the environment. As the Environmental Engineering professor at Trine University I strive to make sure students fully understand the extensive connections between humans, pollution, and the environment. With a strong understanding of environmental problems, we can then work together to develop and design sustainable engineering solutions that protect people and the environment.

As a teacher I rely on 10 years of classroom experience to help students “make it stick”. On occasion I teach a class at the University of Notre Dame, and prior to my time at Trine I was an assistant professor at Washington State University. Whenever possible, I inject my previous environmental microbiology research experiences into the classroom. Bacteria are everywhere!

My family and I love being outdoors staying active. We can be spotted all around town, as my wife and I are perpetually training for the next half marathon. In between training sessions I try to golf whenever possible at Trine′s challenging Zollner Golf Course, where I have experienced many triumphs and tribulations. Our dog Jack enjoys all of the hiking trails in and around Angola, particularly Pokagon State Park and the numerous Acres Land Trust preserves.