Meet Darryl Webber

Trine University - Allen School of Engineering
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Meet Darryl Weber

When he′s not on fire, professor Webber enjoys teaching.

B.S., M.S., Montana School of Mines; Ph.D. Missouri University of Science & Technology

I am a native of Montana with industrial experience in destroying chemical weapons, refining/vitrifying radioactive waste and the production of high performance alloys for medical, aerospace and other high–tech applications. I have been on fire more times than I have fingers, but I still love to melt and cast metals and to share that passion with students.

I serve as the Foundry Education Foundation (FEF) Key professor and advise Delta Chi and the Materials Society (American Society of Metals, The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, American Ceramic Society, Association for Iron and Steel Technology, American Foundry Society).

When not tinkering in the metallurgy lab or foundry, I enjoy playing with my children and working on/modifying cars and my house using the philosophy – "If it is not broken, you are not trying hard enough."