Meet Julie Howenstine

Trine University - Ketner School of Business

When not in the water, Howenstine enjoys riding the Motorcycle with her husband.

B.S., Oakland University
M.B.A, University of Saint Thomas
Ph.D., University of Toledo

Teaching at Trine gives me the opportunity to share experiential learning lessons with the students and help the community as well. We combine projects that help local businesses market or create their products and the students are able to see the final results (including profits). Profits generate the ability for these companies to create jobs and economic development for the communities.

I follow Jack Welch closely and have a very high regard for him and his philosophies. One of my favorite quotes is his, "control your own destiny or someone else will." I believe everyone should remember this as they travel through life. Remember to take-hold of your life and work to earn whatever you want.

As a native of southeastern Michigan, I developed a love of the water and enjoy swimming, boating and fishing, so my summer time is busy.


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