Meet Sean Wagner

Trine University - Ketner School of Business

Future cyborg–in–training and family man.

B.S. Geology, B.A. Anthropology/Archaeology Southern Methodist University; M.A. Geography University of Hawaii

I came to Trine University in fall 2001, after living and working three years in Japan. I teach courses ranging from physical to human geography, and various economics courses, sociology and Japanese history.

In 2004, my peers chose me to serve as faculty vice president, which led to an interim faculty president role. I chair the Budgetary Goals and Plans Committee, and support the International Student Association, Habitat for Humanity and SPEAK (a student environmental group).

I co–founded a county–wide Freecycle chapter, and belong to the Japan–America Association of Fort Wayne and the PTO.

I find fulfillment through my wife and two wonderful sons, who can objectively be described as the kindest, brightest and most handsome children ever to walk the Earth. I enjoy reading about economics, financial markets, history or just about anything — long live books! I am a gardener, a hopelessly hopeful Cubs fan, and was a rotisserie baseball Kingpin from 1994 until "retiring" in 2005, going 17-0 (!). I am saving money for an eventual conversion to cyborg and immortality.

Contact Me:

√ Find Me at: Ford Hall √ Call me at: 260.665.4219 √ E-Mail Me Here