7 ways to be a good friend

One of the biggest things on students’ minds when they head off to college is making friends. That’s why it can’t hurt to arm them with some tried-and-true friend-making tactics, such as:

Listen. Be an engaged, active listener who looks at the person speaking instead of their phone or the floor. When people feel listened to, chances are they’ll be very interested in pursuing a friendship.

Ask Appropriate Questions. To find out more about new people, encourage your student to ask questions that are friendly without being too intrusive. It can all begin with where others are from, what they’re looking forward to studying, books they’ve read, etc.

Share Who You Are. In turn, students can share bits about themselves so that others can see the things they have in common as well as the differences they can each learn from. Just don’t over share, especially when first meeting someone!

Look Out for People. It feels good when others care about your well-being.

Be Encouraging. Help others see the good in themselves. Encourage them to try new things and explore possibilities. We can all use a dose of genuine cheerleading!

Show an Interest. There are so many things we can learn from other people—and vice versa. That’s what true friendships can give us and it often starts with showing an interest.

Remember What’s Important to Them. And then ask them about it. Enough said.

Prepared for Trine University by PaperClip Communications