Parents and Friends

The office of Student Success and Retention is dedicated to empowering students and expediting services for students. Whether a student's concern is academic, personal, or financial, the director is here to assist all students. With 20 years dedicated to working with students and parents, the director understands support is crucial. The director will assist students and parents with navigating the academic system by acting as a liaison to get the best outcome for both students and parents.

Information for Parent and Guardian

Each semester the Executive Director Deborah McHenry corresponds with parents on a number of topics to keep parents and guardians informed and maintain an open line of communication. Parents can expect a friendly, immediate response to inquiries. If you have questions or concerns, Deborah McHenry is available to talk with you. Collaborating across campus for parents and students for positive outcomes is the primary focus of this office. Please don't hesitate to call toll-free at 800.347.4878, or e-mail McHenry at

May 2016 Campus Link Newsletter

Authorization Release Waiver

The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibit the release of student information to anyone without authorization from the student. As part of the academic support system in place at Trine, freshmen voluntarily sign this waiver. This waiver is available to all Trine students. Parents must make the initial contact and request an academic progress report. The Director will contact the student's professors for an academic progress report. If the student does not have a waiver on file the director cannot discuss the student's academic progress with parents. This waiver is valid for one academic year. 

Campus Link Newsletter

The Campus Link Newsletter is a great resource for parents and families. This publication provides insight into what is happening in the life of  today's college student. Although this publication does not specifically apply to Trine students, you will be able to see what specific topics are being addressed on college campuses.