Associate in Business Administration

Associate in Business AdministrationTrine University Student Achievements

The Associate in Business Administration degree prepares you for the complexities of careers in business administration or business management. Why earn your associate’s degree at Trine University in Peoria, Arizona? It’s simple really. You want to learn business basics. You want to get a job you want. You want to earn a degree that pays you back in return with better career advancement opportunities.

What Is Business Administration?

All businesses and non-profits need administrators for long-term growth and success. With a degree in business administration, you will have the foundation of business knowledge to move your organization and your career in the right direction.

  • Build your skills.
  • Know the technologies needed
  • Develop managerial acumen
  • Hone your communications
  • Understand accounting basics
  • Learn to apply leadership tactics

Learn more about the associate in business administration degree course requirements.

Associate Degree to Bachelor’s Degree to MBA

For now, you may want to jump in so you can start working as soon as possible in that job you want. The associate degree gets you there, but you know long term you may be interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Take it step by step. Earn your degrees in the same way.

The courses at Trine University in Peoria for the associate in business administration degree can be applied to your future bachelor’s degree in business administration if you choose to earn your BS with us. Who knows—after you meet with some success, you may just return to earn your MBA at Trine.

Learn Business Basics and Get a Job

Once you have the business basics down, where can the Associate in Business Administration take you?

  • Move up in real estate
  • Lead as the office manager
  • Climb up in sales
  • Assist as an administrative professional

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