Trine MBA graduate presents at business workshop

Master of Business Administration Trine University Student Achievements

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Trine University in Peoria, Arizona is focused on delivering real-world return on investment for professionals looking to develop their skills and marketability in business and finance.

Earn Your MBA in One Year

Focused, values-driven, and accelerated, this one-year MBA graduate program for adults already holding a bachelor’s degree is defined by an intense focus across a spectrum of knowledge. You can apply what you are learning while you are still working at your current job. In one year, you will graduate with your MBA with a stronger understanding of these essential executive-level areas of business administration.

  • Business strategy
  • Management
  • Decision making
  • Market development
  • Global finance

Learn more about the degree course requirements for the Trine MBA.

MBA Seeking Executive Positions

You want to move up the corporate ladder and take on greater responsibilities in upper management roles at work. Earning that promotion or seeking that top executive position is made easier with an MBA. You will learn the critical decision-making skills that corporate managers use.

  • Negotiate better
  • Dive into finance
  • Communicate clearly
  • Learn new marketing strategies
  • Take on high-level corporate strategy
  • Lead better with effective management tactics
  • Understand the ethics of business

Why the Trine MBA?

Why get your MBA at Trine in Peoria? You can save money on tuition with our competitive pricing. Learn from peers that bring a global perspective to the world of business administration. Students from all over the world, especially Asia and the Middle East, travel to Peoria to earn their MBA. This provides exceptional networking opportunities for candidates looking to bring Western finance knowledge to growing markets. The Trine MBA is not just focused on domestic business but can equip you better for working in international business.