Cybersecurity major at Trine University Peoria Arizona

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Our digital society relies on the Internet for communication and to store personal, financial, health, and government records. A large amount of sensitive data is now stored in the digital universe. It's critical that we secure and protect it from malicious interests. For vital computer networks and electronic infrastructures, cybersecurity experts stand as the last and most effective line of defense against such attacks. Are you ready to join their ranks?

Internet Security and Network Security under Attack

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Cybersecurity at Trine University in Peoria, Arizona prepares graduates to be leaders in the protection of data assets. The curriculum focuses on applying the theory and research to solve real-world problems. Students will benefit from hands-on learning experiences on the techniques, policies, operational procedures, and technologies that secure and defend the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data online.

Organizations and companies worldwide need experts in Internet and network security. Nearly every industry is impacted by potential threats. Cybersecurity experts might once have been self-taught individuals taking on the task of securing data to online threats, but to get a satisfying job in today’s marketplace, earning a degree demonstrates you are someone future employers can trust with their most vulnerable security issues. Learn more about the cybersecurity degree course requirements.

Computer Forensics Required

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science with a major in cybersecurity program, you will be qualified for jobs in the information and technology industry, public service, commerce, and many other industries. As a cybersecurity expert, you will be delving deep into computer forensics. Positions, titles, and roles may vary, but at the core, you will become a computer forensics expert.

  • Security and performance analyst
  • Cryptanalyst
  • Information management specialist
  • Network administrator
  • Database administrator and many other roles

The program also provides strong preparation for graduate studies in computer forensics. Graduates will qualify to be placed in prestigious graduate schools and pursue a variety of programs, including cybersecurity, information security, network security, and computer security.

Cybersecurity Degree Wanted

Earn your cybersecurity degree. Learn how to protect our hyper-connected world from cyber threats. Graduate knowing numerous potential jobs exist. Graduate knowing you will be entered into an exciting and long-lasting career that is still being shaped. Learn more about the career opportunities for the cybersecurity expert.