Bachelor in Electrical Engineering Courses

BS Electrical Engineering Courses

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Trine University Peoria Arizona requires that the graduate complete 132 credit hours of study. The areas of study for the degree are classified as General Education (required for all Trine graduates) courses and specific degree program required and elective courses.

Written Communication – 6 credit hours
Engineers must be able to communicate in writing and these courses address that need.
ENG 103 English Comp I (3)
ENG 113 English Comp II (3)

Oral Communication – 3 credits hours
Engineers are often called upon to make presentations and that topic is discussed here.
SP 203 Effective Speaking (3)

Social Science & Humanities – 12 credit hours
Engineers require a broad liberal education to help them understand the world in which their designs will function and the people who will use them. Students are required to complete two humanities and two social science courses.
Social Science Elective (6)
Humanities Elective (6)

Mathematics & Science – 32 credit hours
Engineering is, by definition, the findings of mathematics and science employed to solve practical problems. So we need a very thorough study of these subjects. Topics include calculus, differential equations, physics, and chemistry.
MA 134 Calculus I (4)
MA 164 Calculus II (4)
MA 213 Calculus III (4)
PH 224 University Physics I (4)
PH 234 University Physics II (4)
CH 104 General Chemistry (4)

Engineering Fundamentals Core - 47 credit hours
CS 1113 Object-Oriented Java Programming (3)
ECE 112 Prototyping & Projects (2)
ECE 211 Circuits Laboratory (1)
ECE 213 Circuit Analysis (3)
ECE 231 Discrete Electronics Lab (1)
ECE 233 Discrete Electronics (3)
ECE 243 Analog Signals (3)
ECE 261 Digital Systems Laboratory (1)
ECE 263 Digital Systems (3)
ECE 271 Microcontrollers Lab (1)
ECE 273 Microcontrollers (3)
ECE 301 Electrical Machines Lab (1)
ECE 303 Electrical Machines (3)
ECE 323 Dynamic EM Fields (3)
ECE 453 Random Processes in ECE (3)
ECE 481 Instrument Systems Lab (1)
ECE 483 Instrument Systems (3)
ECE 3051 Junior Year Lab (1)
ECE 4001 Contemporary Issues (1)
ECE 4002 Project Management (2)
ECE 4003 Design Project (3)
GE 101 Introduction to Engineering (1)
GE 401 Professional Practice (1)

Additional Requirements - 9 credit hours
MA 233 Differential Equations (3)
MA 393 Probability and Statistics (3)
Math Elective (3)

Degree Related Electives - 32 credit hours

Electrical Engineering Concentration Elective Courses (12)
These courses are selected by the student to meet their own interests and may be any ECE, CS, or co-operative education course.

ES Electives (5)

Open Elective Courses (15)
Many students in the degree program decide to complete a minor in engineering, or business, or mathematics, or even music. These elective courses permit a student to pursue these interests.