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You’ve got management on your brain. You have small business ideas you want to see transformed into small business start-ups. The Bachelor of Science in business administration majoring in management is the program to put you on your path to a successful career and comfortable salary.

Business Administration Plus Management

Why a Bachelor of Science in business administration plus a focused major in management? Sometimes two things just go together, and in this case, administration and management added together equate with successful careers in business. When you graduate from this program, you will be better prepared for management positions.

  • Become a leading entrepreneur
  • Inspire others with highly developed people skills
  • Understand all areas of your business
  • Lead organizations into the future

A Degree Path for Small Business and Finance Entrepreneurs

You will understand how to lead a business and manage all of the components of a business. Start a new business or help manage your current business better. Lead the next big entrepreneurial start-up company.

  • Learn accounting principles
  • Understand finance
  • Target your marketing efforts
  • Manage operations

Learn more about the degree requirements and courses for the Bachelor of Science in business administration with a focused major in management. 

Interested in Earning an MBA?

If you have long-term goals of earning your MBA, the Bachelor of Science in business administration majoring in management could be the foundation you need to move your career needle to where you want it. Many organizations provide educational funding for the right candidates to return to school to earn an MBA. If you have MBA aspirations, start with your bachelor’s degree in the program that will prep you for continued success.


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