Bachelor in Psychology

BS Psychology Trine University Student Achievements

Trine's Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology is one of the more popular majors, offering a solid education in this behavior science through diverse course offerings, covering forensic psychology, abnormal psychology, psychology of addiction, counseling, personality, human sexuality, and marriage and family.

What can I do with a bachelor’s in psychology?

As a psychology major you will learn how to conduct research, analyze data, and test theories that will be the foundation for your future career, no matter the focus area you plan on taking. As a graduate with a bachelor’s in psychology, you have the foundation to move forward in many different directions. The possibilities are diverse, but here are some to get you started:

  • Forensic psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Child psychology
  • Criminal psychology
  • Practicing psychologist
  • Psych counseling
  • Sports psychology
  • Industrial organizational psychology
  • Graduate coursework

Learn more about the psychology degree course requirements to determine your next step.

Careers in Psychology

You are interested in learning more about what makes people tick, or maybe you’re interested in finding ways to help people through personal struggles. There are many reasons why people enter the field of psychology, which is why there are many different career outcomes that students fall in once they graduate. Do one of these potential careers fit in with the idea you have for your future?

  • Mental and behavior health counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling and treatment programs
  • Probation departments
  • Victim's advocate
  • Juvenile treatment programs
  • Community service programs
  • Civic organization administration
  • Graduate programs—psychology and law school

Do you want to learn more about the potential career paths that a degree in psychology can start? Contact us to learn more.

Jobs for the Psychology Major

The psychology major prepares you for employment in a wide variety of settings or for graduate degrees. If you want to know if psychology is the right degree choice for finding a job once you graduate, the short answer is yes. You might use your psych degree in a number of different settings and industries. Or you might use your psych degree as the foundation for the pursuit of a graduate degree. Talk to our psychology faculty to get a better understanding of what the psychology degree can do for you.