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Bachelor of Applied Management

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The Bachelor of Applied Management degree is designed to prepare an individual with an interest in management in a field where technical competence has already been partially acquired.

This program is available to individuals who have already completed a diploma, an associate degree, or equivalent training in a business, health, or technical field, or other specialty area not offered at Trine University.

The degree is designed specifically for individuals who acquired training at community colleges, technical institutes, military service schools, industry related schools, etc., and who want to continue their education in the area of management.

Technical Specialty
Students completing the Bachelor of Applied Management degree program must complete a minimum of 28 semester hours in a business or technical field acquired through occupational or technical training, or classroom instruction.

As many as 17 additional semester hours in a technical specialty may count as electives.

Bachelor of Applied Management 120 Hours

General Education Requirements 42 Hours

Written Communication 6 hours
*ENG 103 English Composition I (3)
*ENG 113 English Composition II (3)

Oral Communication 3 Hours
*SP 203 Effective Speaking (3)


*COM 163 Interpersonal Communication (3)

Social Sciences and Humanities 12 Hours
*Social Science Elective (3)

*Social Science Elective (3)
*Humanities Elective (3)

*Humanities Elective (3)

Math and Science 10 Hours
*MA 103 Business Algebra (3)
*MA 173 Applied Mathematics (3)
*Science Elective (3)
*Math or Science Elective (1)

Other 11 Hours

General Education Elective (3)

General Education Elective (3)

General Education Elective (3)

General Education Elective (2)

Business Core Requirements 78 Hours

Business Core 27 Hours
AC 203 Accounting I (3)
AC 213 Accounting II (3)
BA 343 International Business (3)
FIN 303 Managerial Finance (3)
LAW 203 Business Law I (3)
MGT 353 Designing Operations (3)
MGT 363 Organizational Behavior (3)
MGT 453 Strategic Management (3)
MK 303 Marketing (3)

Additional Program Requirements 6 Hours
ECO 213 Microeconomics (3)
ECO 223 Macroeconomics (3)

Technical Specialty Area 28 Hours

Additional Program Requirements 17 Hours

UE 111 Adult Learning Orientation (1)

Electives/Prior Learning Credits (16)

Total in Degree Program: 120 Hours



Bachelor of Applied Management

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