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Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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The Master of Science with a major in Criminal Justice degree program is open to persons holding bachelor's degrees in a social science field from regionally accredited colleges and universities and whose undergraduate work has been of sufficient quality and scope to enable them to successfully pursue graduate study.

An undergraduate degree in criminal justice is preferred; however, if the undergraduate degree is other than criminal justice, a core of criminal justice prerequisite courses will be required. At the discretion of the Director of Criminal Justice, these course prerequisites may be waived for applicants who have a significant amount of documented professional experience with a criminal justice agency.

A candidate for the master's program must have the following:

  • A Bachelor of Science degree (or equivalent) with a general education component from a regionally accredited institution.
  • A minimum composite undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 of a 4.0 scale.
  • An official transcript showing a bachelor's degree awarded by an accredited college or university with an acceptable grade point average.

A maximum of six hours of credit from another accredited graduate program may be transferable. Graduate courses taken and applied to the Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice will not apply to the graduate program.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice now offers four concentrations, Public Administration and Emergency Management, Forensic Psychology and Law. All concentrations include 15 credit hours of additional requirements.

(The major area core course descriptions for this program are listed underneath the three different program option requirements.)

Criminal Justice Major Area Core (21 Credit Hours)

CRJ 503 Seminar in Law and Social Control
CRJ 513 Criminology
CRJ 523 The American System of Justice

CRJ 533 Criminal Justice Policy Formations & Analysis
CRJ 563 Planning & Program Evaluation
CRJ 553 Applied Statistics for Criminal Justice
CRJ 593 Demonstration Capstone

Public Administration Concentration (15 Credit Hours total)

CRJ 603 Theory and Practice of Public Administration
CRJ 613 Public Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
CRJ 623 Governmental Accounting, Finance & Budgeting
CRJ 643 Law and Public Policy
CRJ 693 Public Administration Demonstration Project

Emergency Management Concentration (15 Credit Hours total)

EM 503 Advanced Principles of Emergency Management
EM 513 Seminar in Hazard Mitigation
EM 623 Comprehensive Risk Assessment
EM 653 Managing Disaster Relief
EM 693 Emergency Management Demonstration Project

Forensic Psychology Concentration (15 Credit Hours total)

FPY 603 Theory & Practice of Forensic Psychology
FPY 613 Psychopathology
FPY 623 Evaluation & Treatment of Specialized Populations
FPY 643 Victimology
FPY 693 Forensic Psychology Demonstration Project

Law Concentration (15 Credit Hours total)


LAW 603 Advanced Employment Law

LAW 613 Criminal Procedure: Investigation and Adjudication

LAW 623 Children and the Law

CRJ 643 Law and Public Policy

LAW 693 Law Concentration Demonstration Capstone



Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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