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Master of Science in Leadership
Degree Programs > Master of Science in Leadership Concentration Options > Healthcare Systems Studies

Healthcare Systems Studies

Concentration Focus

The Healthcare Systems Studies Concentration of the Master of Science in Leadership program will empower students with in-depth knowledge, technical and business skills necessary to lead the administration of ethical delivery, regulation, sustainability and accountability of healthcare systems.

Program Content

  • Envisioning approaches and solutions to management practices and challenges within healthcare delivery systems that reflect equity and utilitarian value.
  • Laws and regulations that drive and constrain healthcare administration and delivery systems.
  • Exploration of the ethical issues confronted by healthcare administrators.
  • Designing comprehensive, sustainable approaches to marketing and financial management of healthcare delivery organizations.


Learners will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective leader within the healthcare community

Who Should Pursue This Concentration?

  • Individuals wanting to expand their understanding of leadership within hospitals, medical centers, community clinics, health departments and the balance of healthcare settings
  • Healthcare organization administrators, operations managers, clinical supervisors, office managers

Career Impact of This Concentration

Healthcare Systems Studies will support the 16 percent increase in leadership positions in this service industry projected by the U.S. Department of Labor over the next decade (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). Specifically, in northeast Indiana, significant expansion of three regional health centers (Parkview North, Fort Wayne; Lutheran, Fort Wayne; Cameron Memorial Community Hospital, Angola) and increasing numbers of home health care and nursing care organizations will expand the need for individuals with visionary leadership and understanding of sector demands to use these skills. According to the Indiana Health Industry Forum (2008), 156 health and life sciences companies were reportedly located in the seven-county region of northeast Indiana, up from 103 two years prior. Together this data illustrates the increasing need for leaders in this industry, a need that can be met through participation in the Healthcare Systems Studies concentration.

Concentration Coursework (15 Credit Hours)

LDR 6803 Leadership and Management of Healthcare Systems (3)
This course is an in-depth study of a range of issues and related problems faced by practicing managers and leaders in the rapidly changing healthcare/health services delivery system. Special emphasis is placed on the issues relevant to current challenges, and this emphasis is of utilitarian value to the participants. Examples of issues include rural and urban healthcare, managed care, ethics of healthcare, integrating technology, and leadership styles and traits. Prerequisites: All LDR Core Courses ? LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243

LDR 6823 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Leadership (3)
The course studies the legal framework of health Services and healthcare delivery, as well as the ethical issues confronted by healthcare administrators in various healthcare settings. Topics will include licensure, medical malpractice, liability, insurance issues, legal standards for care, confidentiality of records (HIPPA), informed consent, and patient rights and patient advocacy. Prerequisites: All LDR Core Courses ? LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243

LDR 6843 Organization and Economics of Healthcare Delivery Systems (3)
The course provides an overview of the development of the current status of the healthcare system in the United States, its organizational structure, and operation of the various healthcare organizations, governmental as well asnon-governmental, at the federal, state, and local levels. The course examines the structure and issues of the major Healthcare delivery systems including operation, marketing, financial management and sustainability of outpatient clinics, physician?s offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, self-help organizations, patient advocacy groups, accrediting agencies, and the insurance industry. Concepts addressed include demand (what physicians, patients and families want), supply, distribution, utilization of resources, market theories, and cost-benefit analysis, as they apply to healthcare as a service industry and including current and future payment systems for healthcare. Prerequisites: All LDR Core Courses ? LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243

LDR 6866 Healthcare Leadership Capstone (6)
This capstone course will provide students the opportunity to integrate and synthesize previous course work in leadership with healthcare content through the creation and implementation of applied programming or secondary/archival research. Prerequisites: All LDR Core Courses ? LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243; and Healthcare Systems Studies Concentration foundation course ? LDR 6803


Master of Science in Leadership

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