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Master of Science in Leadership
Degree Programs > Master of Science in Leadership Concentration Options > Instructional Leadership – Higher Education

Instructional Leadership – Higher Education

Concentration Focus

The Instructional Leadership - Higher Education Concentration of the Master of Science in Leadership program will empower students with in-depth knowledge, leadership, and management skills necessary to impact College and University student achievement and to lead successful institutional improvement initiatives.

Concentration Content

  • Instructional leaders draw on their knowledge of cognitive development, subject matter, and established standards to make sound decisions about what is important for students to learn within and across the curriculum.
  • Instructional leaders incorporate their understanding of diverse educational settings and the political landscape to frame approaches to the continual improvement of academic instruction.
  • Instructional leaders continually assess educational needs in order to incorporate a rich and varied collection of instructional and advising practices, materials, and resources students to support learning.
  • Instructional leaders critically analyze, evaluate, reflect on, and strengthen their practice and use their experiences to advance knowledge and practice in their field.

Who Should Pursue This Concentration?

  • Faculty and staff in higher education settings serving in advising, admissions, and instructional roles.

Career impact of This Concentration

The higher education track within the Instructional Leadership Concentration provides advanced educational opportunities for Trine University bachelor-degree graduates and a cadre of over 8,000 faculty, advisors, and admission staff serving in the Indiana higher education community. These opportunities will build the skills of individuals working in higher education to lead in higher education culture, advise students, build curriculum and advance their teaching methods.


Concentration Coursework (15 Credit Hours)

LDR 6513 Students and Stakeholders in the Higher Education Environment (3)
This course introduces students to the major human development theories involving college students in American higher education. Special attention will be given to contemporary student development theory and research. Focus will also be directed toward understanding how this body of theory and research can be used to guide the design of policies and practices in higher education.

Prerequisites: All LDR Core Courses – LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243 OR admission to Concentration

LDR 6533 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3)
This course provides an overview of the issues, principles, and practices associated with effective college teaching. The course assumes, identifies, and uses a body of scholarly knowledge and research appropriate for study and application to the profession of college/university teaching. Topics examined include learning and diversity, teaching models and strategies, teacher and student behaviors and learning outcomes, and instructional improvement strategies. The interaction of theory and practice is an important theme (and challenge) of the course. Prerequisites:  All LDR Core Courses – LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243 OR admission to Concentration

LDR 6553 Principles and Practices of Academic Advising (3)
This course examines the foundations of academic advising as essential components of student success and retention in higher education. Topics include developmental advising; research on academic advising; models and delivery systems; advising skills; including diverse populations; influences on the helping process such as personal characteristics, verbal and nonverbal responses and behaviors, and ethical considerations; and evaluation, assessment, and reward systems for advisors and advising programs. Prerequisites: 

All LDR Core Courses – LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243 OR admission to Concentration

LDR 6576 Instructional Leadership Capstone Course – Higher Education (6)
This course is the capstone course for all students in the Instructional Leadership Concentration, Higher Education Track. The capstone is a special project conducted within an existing educational setting. It may be arranged within the organization in which the student is employed or in another organization which agrees to work with the student on a project of mutual interest. The capstone experience affords each student an opportunity to apply the skills, knowledge, and abilities gained through the leadership core and concentration-area content courses in a process that will generate a solution(s) to or facilitate substantive consideration of a current educational need or issue. Prerequisites: All LDR Core Courses – LDR 5003, LDR 5023, LDR 5043, LDR 5063, LDR 5083, LDR 5203 LDR 5223, LDR 5243; Instructional Leadership Concentration Higher Education applied skills courses – LDR 6513, LDR 6533; co–requisite LDR 6553


Master of Science in Leadership

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