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A student with a disability who plans to request academic adjustments needs to provide Trine University with documentation of his or her disability.

Documentation needs to be current and from a professional source such as a school psychologist, educational diagnostician, a licensed private psychologist, or a medical doctor. If the condition being documented is not stable, the documentation should be less than three years old.

The provision of documentation does not guarantee that the requested academic adjustments will be provided. Trine University reserves the right to select among equally effective and appropriate adjustments that will provide the student with a disability equal access to its programs.

Documentation typically includes a diagnosis of the disability - including the instruments and scores used to determine the disability and the credentials of the person providing the diagnosis, an explanation of how the condition affects the student's ability to function in an academic setting, examples of academic adjustments that are recommended, and an explanation of how the disability relates to these adjustments. In addition to providing documentation of a disability, the student needs to request academic adjustments.

Academic adjustments implemented depend on the disability of the student. Each circumstance is considered on an individual basis. It is important for the student with a disability to understand that academic adjustments will in no way lower or waive essential requirements of an academic program.

Seven Steps to Complete to Receive Academic Adjustments for a Disability

  • Indicate the need for academic adjustments by notifying Academic Support Services.
  • Complete the Trine University Disability Support Services Application form.
  • Sign Authorization for Release of Information on the back of the application form.
  • Provide adequate documentation from a professional source.
  • Qualify for academic adjustments.
  • Schedule appointments with all professors during the first two weeks of the semester.