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Trine offering Foundation Fieldbus

Trine University is now offering FF–400 FOUNDATION™ Certified Professional training programs in a hybrid format, which will allow you to view all lectures and complete tests online before you come to our campus for hands–on training. In addition, we have added a day for hands–on training in our lab.

Our next FF–400 FOUNDATION™ Certified Professional course will be June 5–8 for the hands–on part of the course. Registered students will have access to online lectures and tests on May 21 and must complete all course content online before they attend the course on–campus. The registration deadline is May 14.

By completing the certified professional course, you will possess a strong knowledge of Foundation technology principles; a consistent understanding of fieldbus fundamentals and a proven ability to implement fieldbus–based control systems.

The FOUNDATION™ Certified Professional certificate is geared towards engineers, designers, main instrumentation controls contractors, and startup and commissioning specialists wanting to increase their knowledge base of design, planning, and implementation of FOUNDATION systems.

For more course information, outlines, learning objectives, and registration questions, please contact Mersiha Alic at, or visit our website.

Lego camps are back

We′re at it again with our latest schedule for Lego camps 2012!

This hands–on course exposes children to basic robotics via LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. This program is a great way to cultivate an interest in technology and science in young student. By starting out with what is referred to as a programmable brick and adding wheels, gears, levers, and pulleys; students will learn how to build simple machines and mechanisms. This is an excellent way for children to spend part of the summer learning about science, technology, teamwork and problem solving skills through robotics.

To see a full schedule of the camps near you or to register, click here.